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Musculoskeletal Care

For patients seeking minimally invasive, natural solutions for pain and sports injuries.

Tenex Health TX

Advanced Minimally invasive treatment for chronic tendon pain and plantar fasciitis.


Diagnostic information in the exam room. More accurate and less painful injections.

Get Back to
Your Active Life

Focus your body’s healing potential for faster recovery and better quality of life.

Regenerative Musculoskeletal Care

Jon Swift Jr., DO, provides comprehensive, regenerative musculoskeletal care to patients seeking minimally invasive, non-operative solutions for pain and sports injuries. Dr. Swift believes in true, holistic healing – not just covering up pain with medication. Regenerative medicine allows the body to heal itself as effectively as possible with less down time. Dr. Swift wants the Bend community to get moving and enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

Set in a traditional orthopedic setting at Desert Orthopedics, Dr. Swift provides regenerative musculoskeletal care in Bend, Oregon. Board certified in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine, Dr. Swift’s background and focus on the body’s healing capacities merge to create an environment where individuals can take control of and participate in their health. There are no instant fixes with regards to healing, however regenerative medicine provides the conditions necessary for the body to heal itself quickly and efficiently.

Is Regenerative Musculoskeletal Care Right For Me?

Regenerative musculoskeletal care has proven effective for a variety of issues, including:

● Arthritis treatment
● Knee pain treatment
● Back pain treatment
● Sports injuries
● Joint pain treatment and restoration

Depending on your injury or pain, regenerative musculoskeletal care could be a minimally invasive solution for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Swift to learn more about the procedures available and whether or not one of his treatments would be right for you. If regenerative musculoskeletal care isn’t the right option for your treatment, Dr. Swift’s practice is located within the Desert Orthopedics building, which provides the convenience of traditional orthopedic care with MRIs, x-rays and imaging. Dr. Swift can also make referrals to chiropractors and acupuncturists, as necessary.

Get back to living your life without pain in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Learn more about the treatments available and how regenerative musculoskeletal medicine
can help your body heal.

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